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The album “Orchestral Works”, published by Kairos and signed Salvatore Sciarrino, has won the Diapason d’Or, one of the most prestigious awards for classical music recordings. “Orchestral Works” collects the best of the production of this Sicilian composer with eight pieces on 3 CDs: the box - entirely dedicated to Sciarrino - is the result of the collaboration between this musician and Rai Trade, the publisher who detains the exclusive rights on his works since 2004. This important prize also goes, apart from to Sciarrino, to Rai’s National Symphony Orchestra, which has brilliantly executed the compositions, and to the Maestros Francesco Dillon (cello), Marco Rogliano (violin), Mario Caroli (flute), Daniele Pollini (piano), Moni Ovadia (reciting voice), under the direction of Tito Ceccherini.

Satisfaction for the important acknowledgement is expressed in the words of Rai Trade’s CEO Carlo Nardello: “The prize awarded to Sciarrino shows that Italian music is alive as always and that it still can enthral the whole world. Rai Trade, on the occurrence of the award to Sciarrino, reaches its ten years of being and challenges the market with new awareness. We feel the commitment to concentrate on defending our cultural identity and not let the wealth of the great heritage of Italian artists disperse. We also know that as a Public Service, now more than ever, we have to commit so that this heritage can reach, also thanks to Digital technology, all the theatres and the TV networks in the world. In agreement with the players in the sector, who we have teamed up in Ravello at the end of 2008 in order to severe the straps that may prevent a more prolific circulation of multimedia representations of Operas and concerts, we wish to bring to the world our heritage of great Italian music. Italians are the messengers of beauty, and music is our finest envoy. Our commitment for the future is the following: to continue on this path. Thanks to Sciarrino once more we can confirm that the barriers between classical and contemporary music have to be torn down: music, when beautiful, does not need any structure or classification. I’m particularly proud that a musician such as  Sciarrino, with his qualities, has decided to publish with us and to be part of Rai Trade’s great team”.

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